Green Marketing, are you sending the right messages?

Jan 29, 2020

The way you communicate your green efforts to your customers and stakeholders plays a huge part on spreading sustainability and more importantly, in creating real impact and change of mind-sets.

To give you an example, I recently stayed at a 4* Hotel, in the bathroom they had a little card telling me to “Help them save the planet by reusing my towel”, right beside it, there were 6 plastic mini toiletries and two individually wrapped plastic shower caps.

I felt cheated.

The scenario smelled entirely like Green Washing.

And if there is anything more annoying to a Green Traveller than mini toiletries, it is Green Washing.

Please don’t tell me reusing my towel will help YOU save the planet, when on the other hand you are polluting the environment with unnecessary single use plastics. Towel reuse programmes will not save the planet anyway.

3 Green Marketing Tips


  1. Be honest with your messaging, use phrases like “Help us reduce our use of energy and water by reusing your towels” at least that is honest.


  1. Don’t contradict yourself, by placing Green Messages besides polluting items, but if you have to, add a phrase to explain you are on a Green Journey and that XXX items will be abolished in the future.


  1. Create a “Green Page” on your website and outline your achievements to date, and your plans for the future. While you might not be completely a Green business yet, it is good to acknowledge what you are doing and everything else that you are aware you need to do, even if it has not happened yet. Highlighting your highs and lows, will let your customers know you are trying.


Always highlight the environmental impact of your actions

When it comes to changing mind-sets, the way we communicate with our customers and employees is the KEY to success.

For example, what would impact you more as a customer at a coffee shop:

“Purchase a re-usable take away cup to avail of €0.20 discount on take away drinks”


“22,000 take away cups are disposed off in Ireland EVERY HOUR, help us reduce waste by purchasing a keep cup that you can use forever”

When you highlight the environmental impact of a sustainable action, it will make your message a reality in the readers mind, it will create a sense of urgency for change when people can clearly say their own action, will help make a difference.

Ive always said and believe that a small action, taken by many people, can have a huge environmental impact. Many experts disagree and say it is too late for small actions, but at the end of the day, I believe on spreading sustainability to EVERYONE, and the only way to start turning the unconverted, is to make them believe their own actions can make a difference.

Be Honest

Always BE HONEST when marketing your green efforts, tell the world exactly what you are doing, however big or small your results are, the important this is that you ARE TRYING to reduce your business impact to the environment, and that’s something worth talking about.


Until next week!




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