This is not a competition!

This international award is not a competition, but recognises an achieved standard.

We don't do formal dinners!

We believe that success is owned by all stakeholders within your organisation.

Sorry! But not everyone who will apply will receive an award.

If you have implemented an environmental management system at your business, trained your staff, and can demonstrate you have reduced your Green KPIs over the past 12 months, then you are in with a great chance!

Any business from any industry can apply for this recognition.

Award applications for 2021 is now closed!

Our 2021 winners are: Whatley Manor in the UK, Hotel Doolin in Ireland and The Compost Kitchen is South Africa, WELL DONE!

Online Application

Whatley Manor - UK

Whatley Manor in the UK is a great example that a sustainability journey is one of continued improvement. Since they introduced their Green Programme in February 2019, they have made improvements every single month.

Sustainability at Whatley Manor starts from the top, with General Manager Sue Williams heavily involved. But this culture is filtered down through the management team to junior staff through the provision of training for all members of the team.

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Hotel Doolin - Ireland

In 2019, Hotel Doolin located on the West coast of Ireland, became the first certified carbon neutral hotel in the country.

Waste, water and energy indicators are monitored in a monthly basis by their Green Manager Aine Martin.

As well as setting systems in place to reduce their utilities and become carbon neutral, the Green Team has a strong SCR ethos.

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The Compost Kitchen - South Africa

The Compost Kitchen in Johannesburg, is not what many would perceive as a “regular” business with a green programme in place. The basis of the entire business boils down to fighting for a more sustainable future. 

The Compost Kitchen addresses Waste Food with a circular economy approach. Food waste is not viewed as wasteful but instead, as a wonderful resource that can be modified for greater use.

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Deadline for applications is now closed

Award Criteria

Your organisation must demonstrate that it has specific initiatives already in place to promote a reduction of carbon emissions. These initiatives must be appropriate and relevant to your organisation and its employees.

We will ask you to:

1. Summarise your green programme for the last 12 months.

2. You must have provided environmental training to your employees.

3. You will be able to demonstrate you have established and are currently monitoring your green KPIs and carbon emissions.

Award Benefits

1. Bring international recognition to your business for your efforts to run a greener operation.

2. Gain access to the green consumer market segment, increasing your customer footfall.

3. Prove to your customers that you are serious about your green programme and your care for the environment.

4. Gain access to the Fifty Shades Greener Green Business Award logo for your website.

5. Display the Green Business Award plaque at your premises.

6. Create greater awareness for the need of greener industries and stand out from your competitors.

Registration fees for Award Winners

If your application is successful your organisation will be invited  to register and be formally recognised as a Green Business Award recipient from Fifty Shades Greener 2021.

A Registration fee is then payable based upon the number of employees in your organisation. 

0-100 Employees - €250

100 to 300 Employees - €350

Over 300 Employees - €550

Email Application Form

If you have any issues with the Online Application Form, download the word template below and email it back to us on [email protected] 

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