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The easiest way to gain the knowledge you need to create a Waste, Water & Energy management system at your business.

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Working with hospitality businesses, nursing homes, schools, hospitals...

Running a Greener business has multiple advantages in today's world:

1. Meet buyers expectations

2. Strengthen Customer Loyalty

3. Improve your Reputation

4. Create A Healthier Workplace Environment

5.  Save Money from your utility bills

6. Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Green Business Online Course

Available NOW! Turn your business Fifty Shades Greener with our A to Z, Greener for beginners Programme.

How do I know it Works?

All the actions I am teaching in these courses have been implemented by me, and other hotel managers, in real businesses. We wont ask you to invest in large projects like Solar Panels, Heat Pumps, etc...All the actions we are teaching are do-able, with none or little investment.They are, if you like, the minimum requirement EVERY hotel or restaurant manager in the world should implement at their business to ensure they learn to control and reduce their use of Energy & Water and their production of Waste.

The results I achieve implementing these actions at Hotels like Hotel Doolin, in County Clare Ireland, have been in average:

Energy reduction of 30% in one year.

Waste reduction of 40% in one year.

Water reduction of 25% in one year. 

Can you imagine what can those results do at your business?

Bed & Breakfast And Guest Houses

Green your B&B

This course will teach any small business owner how to take control of the energy their building uses, measuring & monitoring and applying simple actions to reduce it.
They are the first steps any Hospitality business can take to control their energy consumption.


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