National Government Programmes

Fifty Shades Greener is collaborating with government agencies to support:

The Hospitality Industry

Secondary Schools Students

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Government licensing opportunities available worldwide for our Environmental Education Programmes

A perception in society is that Climate Change is too big of a problem for one single individual to do anything about and so we rely and wait for governments and large corporations to do something about it. This can provoke feelings of denial and despair.

When you feel equipped to calculate and reduce your own carbon emissions, of those of your workplace, you feel empowered and encouraged to do so.

 The Fifty Shades Greener programmes provoke behavioural change around the use of energy & water and production of waste. We do not ask people to install solar panels or change their heating systems, we simply teach the small actions you can perform right now to change the way people behave around their use of utilities.

All of our courses are practical, to the point and easy to understand.

We make environmental sustainability make sense to people.

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Secondary Schools

Building a Greener Future

The aim of the programme is to give young people information about the need to control and reduce our household utilities: water, energy & waste, which reduces their home's carbon emissions. 


Licensing Programmes for Hospitality

The Green Manager

This programme has been developed to upskill and prepare students of the Hospitality Industry to become Green Managers of the future.

Knowledge is power - more importantly; Empowering. 

The Green Manager is an Online Programme accessible from anywhere and any device.

It teaches how to measure, manage and monitor Carbon Emissions within the Hospitality sector by reducing the use of energy & water and production of waste.

Reducing business utilities, will not only generate a reduction of Carbon Emissions, but it will also save money from utility bills.

It is a win-win for business owners, the industry and the planet.


The Green Business 

The Green Business Online Programme is the A to Z greener for beginners programme that teaches a Hospitality team all the systems and processes they need to implement to reduce their business utilities and Carbon Footprint.

This is a self thought programme, that can be taken anytime, anywhere from any part in the world.

Training is included for:

  • The Green Manager
  • The General Manager
  • HR department
  • Marketing

The fifty shades greener head office offers online support to all online students for 12 months.


Benefits to students

  • Up-skill yourself in the upcoming market of green businesses
  • Add a new role to your CV and become more employable
  • Receive a certificate at the end of the programme
  • Use the same skills in different industries should you decide to change jobs

Benefits to Business Owners

  • Up-skill your team to reduce your business running cost of utilities
  • Take advantage of the current quiet business period to train your team
  • Create a greener business and access the Green traveller market segment


Benefits to Governments

  • Reporting from Fifty Shades Greener will allow you to establish a baseline of Carbon Footprint for businesses taken part on the programme and the reductions achieved after the first 12 months.
  • Support your national industry workforce to up-skill
  • Create a greener hospitality industry in your country.