€3.950,00 EUR

ESG Leader

Secure your spot at the next ESG Leader programme TODAY!

ESG is currently one of the biggest growth sectors so now is your chance learn the skills you need to get ahead of the pack.

Our ESG Leader programme will show you how you can effect positive change within your organisation while also reducing their operating costs.

Gain evergreen skills that allow you to make a real difference to the world while freeing you to navigate the ever-changing jobs market with confidence.


  • Enhance your CV with ESG skills and make yourself more attractive to employers
  • Reduce operational costs for your organisation and save your company money
  • Align your organisation's strategy with government policy and your customer values
  • Learn how to report on ESG to comply with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting EU Directive 2024

What you'll get:

  • A 5-month online programme
  • Self-guided video lessons
  • Bi-weekly online check ins with FSG tutors
  • All resources necessary to implement an ESG strategy