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What should I expect if my child is on this programme?

The aim of this programme is to implement an environmental management system at home in order to measure, manage and reduce carbon emissions and utilities (energy, waste & water).

Some home projects will include:

  • Analysing utility bills.
  • Light bulb & equipment review.
  • Reading your water meter (if your household has one).
  • Calculating water flow rate of water devices.
  • Observing the waste produced in your household.
  • Actions for the entire household to reduce energy, waste & water.

Measuring Home Utilities

The measurement of our utility usage is a key element of this programme as it will allow your children to calculate your household’s carbon emissions. If you have difficulty finding your bills/invoices or helping your kids analyse them, there are some further videos via the link to assist you.

Click on the image to view some video explanations on how to analyse or measure utilities at home.

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