Create a Greener Tourism industry for your country

Partner with us to educate businesses in your country and create a Greener Hospitality Industry.

We work with Tourism Government Departments and Universities.

About Us

Running a Greener business has multiple advantages in today's world:

1. Meet buyers expectations

2. Improve business Reputation

3. Create A Healthier Workplace Environment

4. Save Money from utility bills

5. Reduce Carbon Footprint

Partner with us to deploy the Green Business Programme

1. Be a partner of the leading educational Green Programme

3. Offer training and support to your country's tourism businesses

4. Create a Greener Hospitality industry that will set you aside from other tourism destinations. 

Set your country as a Greener Destination

Our licensing packages will allow you to transform your country's Hospitality businesses into Greener properties, reducing the industry's Carbon Footprint and setting you aside from other tourism destinations.

There has never been an easier way to share the knowledge that is needed, for Hotel Managers to learn the principles of running environmentally sound businesses.

Our Online Training Programme will train ALL members of an organisation, from top management to junior staff, without them having to leave their workplace.

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