The terms green, environmentally friendly, sustainable and eco are powerful marketing slogans for your business, and many organizations have used them to attract tourist and increase their revenue.There are financially lucrative reasons for tourism businesses:

1. Visitors are willing to pay a premium for a product when they are aware that an organisation is environmentally conscious.

2. By reducing your consumption of Energy and Water and decreasing the disposal of Waste from your businesses you are not only reducing your carbon footprint but also reducing your monthly bills.

Eco-certification provides much-needed knowledge and transparency because award criteria as well as independent assessment provides the traveler with a basis of comparison against other travel companies. Check out for certification to Eco-Label, Silver or Gold Awards and the Hospitality CSR Mark of Good Practice. Fifty Shades Greener can offer training and mentoring for your team to achieve the highest level of certification

If you are not ready for certification yet but still want to explore the possibilities your business has to reduce its carbon footprint and increase its social responsibility and community awareness contact us, no matter how big or small your Green Journey is we are here to help you.


Your team has a huge role to play on the daily run of your business and to implement environmentally friendly measures you will need their help.We can provide staff training at any level on the following aspects of Eco Tourism

– Green Purchasing

– Environmental Management Systems

– Reduction of Waste, Water and Energy from the floor to the office

– Social responsibility and community involvement


Where are you now and where would you like to be? If we don’t measure and monitor our consumption we can not manage it.

The Green Benchmarking Tool will help you identify and promote environmentally sound decision making, target setting and reduce overall operational costs.  We can provide a monthly or quarterly report that will analyse and consolidate your data to summarize this information and will allow you to keep track of your consumption throughout the year.


Are you ready to start getting recognition for your Green efforts?

Award applications can be difficult and time consuming, however, winning awards increases consumer confidence in your business and can therefore increase your sales

At fifty Shades Greener we are award junkies! We love winning awards and we love helping people to win awards, if you are trying to make a difference why not tell the world about it? Contact us, tell us your story and we will assist you on your application.