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Sustainability is the future and now it can make your business even more profitable. With more businesses looking for positive ways to decrease their carbon footprint, we're here to make having a sustainable and eco-friendly hotel easy.

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Why Is Sustainability Important In Hospitality?

Sustainability is now widely regarded as the key to running a successful hospitality business in the 21st century.

Sustainability, and our social responsibility to reduce our impact on the planet, is quickly becoming a primary concern for both public and private sector businesses - and the hospitality industry is no exception to this change in society. There is an increased pressure from both consumers and the government for businesses to demonstrate active efforts to make their business more sustainable.


Green Business

Our online green training and 1-2-1 coaching gives you the knowledge to create waste, water & energy management systems at your business. We can help!

Eco Friendly Hotels

We have online courses, one to one coaching and training all bespoke to your hotels requirements and goals. If you don't know where to get started we help you get kick-started with a greener plan.

Green Action Plan

Any actions that need significant resources or time allocation should form part of your new Green Action Plan. This plan will help you to identify key areas of focus and designate roles to team members.

The Benefits Of Running A Sustainable Hotel

There are a huge number of positives to creating a sustainable hotel. Green travel's popularity is growing increasingly. The number of travellers searching for a more eco-friendly travel experience is projected to grow by 39% and the number of travellers looking for eco-friendly hotel options has risen by 36%. Not only will your sustainable hotel meet the demands of your potential customers but it's also extremely cost-effective - saving you money in key areas such as waste, water and energy bills.

Fifty Shades Greener offers cost-effective, easy-to-implement coaching and action-based training to help make your business greener. Turn your hotel into a sustainable property today!

What Is A Sustainable Hotel?

Sustainable hotels are designed and managed with environmental efficiency at the forefront of decision making. There are a number of popular measures used by hotels to become more sustainable such as efficient lighting systems, low pressure water installations and self-generation of energy.

Turn Your Hotel Eco-Friendly

Our online training courses allow you to 'Green your Business', in your own time and from any device. Our Green Training covers courses including energy reduction, water conservation and waste reduction. Our sustainability courses are easy to follow & implement while also being budget-friendly! 

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