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Our mission 

Fifty Shades Greener’s mission is to help upskill 8 billion people in the world, to provoke societal change for sustainable development.

We want to empower people and organisations to reduce their environmental impact and improve their social impact.

Sustainable development requires that we change the way we live. the way we work and the way we act, we believe that education and training is the foundation of all cultural change.

Upskilling 8 billion people is a huge challenge, in order to succeed, FSG collaborates with other agencies and organisations around the world. Collaboration and creating true partnerships will help us reach our mission.

Our values

We are committed to consistently providing students, collaborators and funding partners with outstanding levels of quality service and respect.

We value people and are committed to their development.  We value teamwork and no hierarchy; everyone is equal and should be treated as such.

We are enthusiastic and passionate about being the best. We aim to exceed the expectations of our students, funding partners and all company stakeholders.  

We are disruptive, independent, ethical, credible and fun. We are not patronising, boring or stuffy.

Our services


What we do best is education!! We use our courses to empower individuals and organisations to reduce their environmental impact and improve their social impact. We have developed courses at all levels to proke cultural change in organisations.

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Global Certification

Our global certification provides transparency on how an organization contributes to sustainable development.

But be prepared, this is no easy task!!! Our certification process is robust and thorough.

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We have been very fortunate to work with large international bodies and provide consultancy to governments on education and tourism policy development and implementation. We aim to create lasting change and we want to help leaders to shape future legislation.

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Pinch me moments!

Nepal Project

In 2022 we completed a project in Nepal, assisting their educators, curriculum developers, and the private sector to build a green skills framework for the green economy.

The project was managed by the British council and funded by the European Commission. 

We learnt so much from this project and we fell in love with Nepalese people.

Public Speaking

  • Green skills summit, Feb 2023, Birmingham.
  • Portugal business network, March 2023.
  • UN procurement conference in Copenhagen, March 2023
  • UN Water conference in New York , March 2023
  • EU first climate change event in Kuwait, September 2023.
  • COP28 in Dubai, December 2023.


We love awards, and without blowing our own trumpet we have won many!!!

Some particular proud ones where...

  1. Princess Royal Training awards 2023
  2. The Green Light of Ireland 2023
  3. EU Green skills finalist 2022

Our support of the SDGs

No poverty

FSG is committed to poverty reduction by prioritising fair wages & supporting our local community.  We are committed to fairness and transparency in all business activities, including transparent tax reporting, wealth distribution and governance.

Zero hunger

Through our programmes, we aim to address food insecurity by educating people about food waste reduction and sustainable agriculture. The Green Manager Programme has successfully led numerous hotels and restaurants in their efforts to minimise food waste.

Health & wellbeing

We operate on a 4-day working week and offer flexibile working hours to better suit the individual needs of our employees. We have a well-being programme that includes coffee chats, mental health support, mediation & yoga, and periodic HR check-ins. 

Quality education

We aim to empower individuals and organisations with the knowledge and skills necessary to lower their environmental and social footprint. We also provide ongoing career development opportunities and training to all our team members.

Gender equality

FSG is a female-owned business and upholds strong feminist principles. We firmly oppose to all forms of gender discrimination . Through our ESG programme, we strive to educate organisations about eradicating the gender pay gap and promoting a diverse workforce.

Water & sanitation

We always say at FSG that small actions do count, especially when carried out by many. That's why a central part of our programs is sharing best practice examples of actions to reduce water consumption, such as using eco-friendly cleaning products or monitoring water flow rates.

Clean energy

We advise all our staff and clients to transition to renewable energy options whenever feasible, and in our programs, we offer training for monitoring and reducing energy consumption. Additionally, our electric company vehicle is powered by renewable energy sources

Decent work

Through skills development and investing in our people’s career progression, we contribute to fostering decent work opportunities for all. In 2023, we were awarded the Princess Royal Training Awards which highlights our commitment to the continued learning and development of our team.

Industry innovation

We work to support individuals and organisations in their sustainability journey, with innovation playing a central role. Our programmes are continuously updated to reflect the latest trends in sustainability and ESG, and we gather continuous feedback from our customers to better understand their experiences and needs.

Reduced inequalities

Our main goal is to not leave anyone behind , that’s why our programmes are tailored to learners from different backgrounds, including school students, start-ups, large corporate organisations and governments. Additionally, our courses are delivered online, making them accessible to a wider audience, and we offer free spaces in certain programs to reduce inequalities.

Sustainable cities

We believe organisations have a significant impact on their surrounding communities, and FSG has empowered business owners with sustainability knowledge. Additionally, we participate in local volunteering projects, such as the Seals Rescue Ireland or the Homework Club in Ennistymon. Our CSR strategy includes expanding our contribution to the community in the upcoming years.

Responsible consumption

We participate in the United Nations Action “The Circular Kilometer” where we offer an educational diploma focused on waste management and the promotion of sustainable resource production. Additionally, through our monthly blogs, we share knowledge on responsible consumption; Tetra V Glass V Plastic - Which is best? 

Climate action

Addressing climate change is one of our top priorities. Our programs are designed to educate individuals and organisations on taking actionable steps to mitigate their environmental footprint. . Our founder Raquel Noboa, was awarded the ”Green Light of Ireland” award in 2023 for her contribution to reducing the enviornmental impact of the Hospitality industry.

Life below water

We always reiterate the importance of protecting the ocean and life below water in all our biodiversity modules. All of our current FSG employees reside in coastal areas, and we recognise that healthy oceans and seas are essential for our well-being, that’s why one FSG donates and volunteers in projects that restore and protect the marine ecosystem such as Seals Rescue Ireland.

Life on land

We consider nature as a source of inspiration; our programmes show the interconnectedness of biodiversity and promote the protection of our ecosystems. Additionally, of the main CSR strategy goals is to enhance our involvement in local projects that restore and protect Irish biodiversity.

Peace & justice

Our ESG programme has been globally certified by the UN University of Peace. UPEACE trains future leaders to explore and formulate strategies and practices in various contexts to address the causes of multiple problems affecting human and global well-being, and thus contribute to the processes of peacekeeping and peacebuilding.

Partnerships for the goals

Collaboration and partnerships are fundamental in attaining the SDGs. We partner with different stakeholders to amplify our impact. We partner with many stakeholders: KWETB, SOLAS, Tourism Ministry, Enterprise Ireland. We have worked on projects with the European Commission and the British Council, and received certification from UPEACE and City & Guilds.

Why we do this?

By aligning our efforts with the SDGs, we are committed to contributing to a more sustainable, equitable, and prosperous future for all. Join us in our journey to create positive change and build a better world for generations to come.


Read our ESG report to know more about our sustainability journey.

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