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Hospitality Industry

The Green Manager

This programme has been developed to teach learners how to measure, manage and monitor Carbon Emissions within the Hospitality sector - by reducing the use of energy, water and the production of waste. It is accredited as a Level 4 (UK) certificate for Environmental Sustainability Management.

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The Green Business

Unlike other environmental training, this is an action based programme, with implementable, concrete steps that will guide you through the easiest way to understand, control and reduce your business impact on the environment, improve your social sustainability and green your supply chain.

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Green Skills for Life - all sectors

Carbon Emissions Training

Our latest environmental training programme teaches people how to calculate and reduce their carbon emissions at home and how to apply the learning to their workplace or community buildings.

When you measure - you can manage.

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Secondary School Programme

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NetZero School Project

CSR project 

Are you looking for ways to contribute and support your community? You can now fund environmental education for your local school and help the young generations build a greener future.

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