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Education, training, and certification to build a culture of sustainability in your organisation

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An award winning company providing green skills education, certification and consultancy to businesses,  governments and educational providers worldwide.

Every job IS a green job!

Sustainable development requires that we change the way we live, the way we work and the way we act. 

Education and training is the foundation of all cultural change and it can empower individuals and organisations to make better choices for the planet, and all the people living in it.

We have developed courses and qualifications at all levels of Green Skills, to upskill organisations from the top down and the bottom up.

Our programmes are tried and tested in many countries and are proven to deliver lasting results, our ESG Leader programme is certified by UPEACE University (UN mandate). 

Our Story

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Our Services


What we do best is education!! Our courses empower individuals and organisations to reduce their environmental impact and improve their social impact. We have developed courses at all levels to provoke cultural change in organisations.

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Global Certification

Our global certification provides transparency on how an organization contributes to sustainable development.

We have developed a certification programme specific for Hospitality and an ESG Certification programme for all industries.

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We have been very fortunate to work with large international bodies and provide consultancy to governments on education and tourism policy development and implementation. We aim to create lasting change and we want to help leaders to shape future legislation

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Why we do it

Cost savings

What’s good for the planet is good for your business, companies can save up to 30% on their utilities by providing Green Skills training to their workforce!

Competitive advantage

Products making ESG-related claims averaged 28 percent cumulative growth over the past five-year period

Talent Retention

65% of employees are more likely to work for a business with strong environmental policies.


Under the new European Directive, companies will have to publicly report their ESG performances aligned to the ESRS. This directive is rolled out in phases for different types of companies throughout the next years – with the big guys up first!


If you don’t fall under the reporting scope of the CSRD just now, you will likely still be affected if you are part of the supply chain of a larger organization as they will be reporting on their entire value chain, including you!


Investors are now favouring sustainable businesses. Public tenders now include sustainability sections. Banks are offering green finance loans. The finance world is finally pushing the sustainable development agenda.

How we do it

Demystifying Sustainability

Sustainability needs to be easy to understand BY EVERYONE, not just scientists, not just the people writing the rules and standards. EVERYONE.

Our action based programmes make sustainability not only easy to understand, but also to implement in your daily life or career, to effect real change.

Our expert facilitators are always on hand to support our clients needs and remove any barriers.

We make sustainability labrador style! Easy to access and understand from ESG Leadership to employee awareness.

Online Learning

We deliver all of our programmes online so they can be accessed anytime, from anywhere in the world.

Delivering online education reduces our own travel footprint as well as the footprint of our alumni.

It also allows us to serve more people all over the world and provide equal access to quality education (Sustainable Development Goal 4).


IRISH and UK Businesses can work with us through funded training.

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If you reside outside Ireland and the UK let us know and we can help you find the right funding routes for you.
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