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FSG -Fifty Shades Greener

The world's leading sustainability company providing education, certification and consultancy to businesses, tourism destinations, governments and educational providers.

What we do


Post Primary education programmes for climate action with real implementable steps at home and school 

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For tourism destinations, businesses and ESG Reporting certified by UPEACE

Launching 2023


Making ESG easy to understand & report providing clarity for green finance

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Training programmes for Hospitality businesses and employees

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For business, educational providers and governments

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Developing Countries

Helping developing countries grow sustainably through education 

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Online Learning

Green Skills for Life

Empowering people to reduce their environmental impact by becoming resource efficient at home and the workplace

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The Green Manager

A qualification for Environmental Sustainability Management in Hospitality

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Green Business

A complete A to Z aligining Hospitality businesses to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. Certified by UPEACE

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Business CSR 

Education is the single most important tool we have to reduce society's impact on the planet and ensure the sustainable development of our nations.

Help us educate the leaders of tomorrow by funding educational programmes in your community.

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