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Helping Hospitality Businesses SAVE MONEY OFF THEIR BILLS and become Greener Businesses with Online Training and Mentoring programmes.

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Online Training

The easiest way to gain the knowledge you need to Green your Hospitality Business, at your own time, from any device. You will have access to the courses forever and direct contact with your trainer Raquel.

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Mentoring Programme

Your business, your plan!

If you are unsure that Online Training Courses are for you, but you are still interested on finding out more, we can set up a One-To-One mentoring call where I can take a look at your business and devise a plan that works FOR YOU.

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#SaucyChallenge, Waste

Together we can abolish all individually wrapped sauces and condiments from the Irish Food Service Industry. Everyone can get involved, check out the FREE training video on this page and sign the petition if you agree.

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Water Conservation

Water is a natural resource that is not infinite. Check out this FREE training video that will teach you how much water your Tabs, showers and cisterns use, and how they compare to good practice Standards. 

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What we do

50 Shades Greener is an E-learning platform and Online Community to support Hospitality businesses that wish to get started on their "Green Journey". 

Running a "greener" business not only means reducing your Carbon Footprint, it also means you have tight controls on the energy and water you use, and the waste you produce. Having this control means you will reduce your bills and pay less to run your business, it makes financial sense!!

Hey, I get it, you don't know me yet and you are possibly wary of EVERYONE asking for your email address to send you stuff. Well I wont do that, I will release FREE training and resources over the coming weeks completely for FREE, if you want to sign up to our Online Community we will keep you up to date by email, but if you don't, that is fine too! Keep an eye on our website or social channels and we will post all FREE training and resources without asking for anything in exchange. And you might ask yourself "why are you doing that?", I simply want to serve as many businesses as possible, I want to reach a wide audience because I am a firm believer that small actions taken by many, can change our Industry and also have an impact in the Environment.

Does any of this sound like you?

You want to operate your business more sustainably but have no idea where to start? 

You've heard that going green  is difficult and costly?

You know you have to do it but you've never done anything like this before and it seems like a huge hurdle?

Then 50 Shades Greener is for you!

About Us

Fifty Shades Greener releases a new Blog every week regarding environmental issues. All thoughts are my own! If you wish to receive the blogs directly to your Inbox sign up here.

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