1 of the most important roles of the future: The Green Manager

Sep 01, 2020

Industries and roles within those industries are an ever changing landscape.

Who would have thought that Hotels and Restaurants, would need Green Managers in 2020? I know I didn’t!

I became a Green Manager myself in 2012, when that title barely existed, and it was one of the most rewarding positions of my courier to date. Fast-forward 8 years, and appointing the right Green Manager is one of the most important decisions you will make from a HR point, that will affect your business over the next 5 years.

Winter is coming and with that, a downfall on Hotel occupancy in Ireland and every country in the world. We are lucky to a point here, as the government has put in place a wage subsidy scheme, to help hospitality businesses pay their staff wages.

But how are you going to use that scheme to it’s full advantage? If you have less customers will you reduce your employee’s hours? Will you let go some people that might be valuable to your team?

The perfect storm has been created for you to re-think your business, there is one thing we now have: TIME.

Time to upskill

Time to learn about sustainability

Time to create a greener business

You now have time to appoint the best Green Manager and kick start your business Green Programme.

The perfect Green Manager does not need to be a stand alone job, it can be combined with another role, and it could be someone that is already working in your organization.

Some key characteristics for this person should be:

  • Someone that likes a new challenge
  • Someone that enjoys learning and up-skilling
  • Someone that enjoys working with numbers, analysing figures and reporting
  • Someone that is liked and respected across all departments of your Hotel

Once you have appointed the right person, you will need to support them in different ways

  • Allow them to spend 1 day a week on their new role
  • Allow them to join a training programme that will help them kick start your business green journey fast and easy
  • Allow them to make decisions across all departments and organise in house training for all employees

While some business owners still fail to see the benefits of sustainability one thing is for sure, if your business is left behind, your competitors will flourish faster than you, your competitors will have access to the new market of green travellers, and your pocket will suffer the consequences.

The Green wave is here to stay, society is asking for change, and it is a clever business decision to align your business to your customer values.

So, if you were to appoint your new Green Manager today, who would it be?

Is there someone in your organisation with the right characteristics?

Could you spare them for 1 day a week from their current role to invest time on a Green Programme?

As my grandmother used to use: Do not leave for tomorrow something you can do today.

Find the right person today, and get started.




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