Secondary Schools Educational Programme

Helping young people make sense of environmental sustainability at home, in school and in their future workplace.

Available worldwide.

The "Building a Greener Future" programme, centers around the basics of Environmental Sustainability for Secondary School students.

The emphasis of this course is on the measurement, monitoring and reduction of energy, water and waste in the student’s household.

The programme offers practical examples of how one can achieve a lower carbon footprint lifestyle and how very similar methods can then be applied to their schools or even future workplace. As the student learns about carbon emissions and how to actively reduce them, we are preparing them to become the Green Managers of the future.

Secondary Schools from the Kildare & Wicklow areas in Ireland can now avail of this programme fully funded by the Kildare & Wicklow Education & Training Board.

If your school is not in the above catchment area, please get in touch with us; [email protected] 

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A KWETB funded project

Thanks to the Kildare & Wicklow Education & Training Board, we can now offer the Building a Greener Future programme to secondary schools in the Kildare & Wicklow areas. Principals and teachers can register their their class with us by emailing; [email protected] 


Carbon Emissions Management 

5 Modules with 30 video lessons that include Carbon Emission calculations for environmental systems:




Reporting & Monitoring

Aim of the Programme

 To give young people more insight and understanding as to why we need to reduce our household's utilities including:





 Our programme also contains 3 challenges based around water and energy conservation and waste production. Students can take part and involve their whole household!

These challenges help raise environmental awareness not only for the students but also members of their household.

Tina Darrer

“Thank you for the opportunity. I think you have it just right. Clear, concise and easy to understand. Delivered beautifully.”

Niamh O’Neill 

“It was such an insightful course. It is the small changes that lead to the big ones. Simple & effective.”

Therese Dalton 

 “Great course for someone like me who is new to all this – really open your eyes to the details.”

Why are we not listening to Generation Tomorrow?

The Fridays for Future movement should not exist, not because their claims are not valid, but because children should not have to tell adults how to behave resonsibly. Many people criticise Gretta Thumberg, they say she is too radical and angry, they say she only presents the problems but never comes up with any solutions. This type of thinking puzzles me.


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If you would like to find out more about our schools programme - do not hesitate to get in touch with our CEO Raquel Noboa on

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