7 Basic steps to reduce your hotel’s carbon footprint

Aug 16, 2020

Allow me to steal 3 minutes of your time today to show you how simple it is to reduce your Hotel’s carbon footprint and even achieve carbon neutrality.

Sustainability is this big word that is thrown around so often and in so many scenarios that it becomes an unachievable task in our minds. So I want to demystify it and break it into actionable steps:

  1. Calculate your current Carbon Footprint

This is again easier than you might think, all you need to do is learn to understand your utility bills, waste, water and energy.

  1. Set up a system and assign a person in your team to monitor your carbon footprint every month – this person is going to be your Green Manager who should report to you and the rest of the time periodically.


  1. Observe your building, where and when is energy used, where and when is water used and where and what waste is produced.



  1. Provide staff training for waste, water and energy reductions


  1. Generate savings in year 1 and 2 from your utility bills, through behavioural change of your team around the use of water and energy and production of waste. Outline a detailed Green Action Plan.


  1. Invest your savings from year 1 & 2 into larger capital projects: Switch to green electricity, change your heating system, install solar panel, harvest rain water, etc


  1. When you can not reduce your carbon footprint anymore, offset the rest of it by donating to certified green projects.


  1. Become a Carbon Neutral business in 3-4 years.


It really is not all that difficult, here at the Fifty Shades Greener office we have been helping Hotels to start their Green Journey, through staff training and behavioural change. It all starts with your team, instilling a culture of sustainability amongst every member of your workforce and giving them the right tools and knowledge around water, waste and energy use.

If you have never implemented a green programme before, your Hotel is currently using more resources than it needs to, which in turn, also costs you more money every single year.

The first and most important thing you need is YOUR OWN COMMITMENT

Investing the time into a Green Programme, is not only a chance to run a business that is better for the planet, it is also a chance to run a business that is better for your pocket.

If you want to get started but you need help, pop me an email on [email protected]




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