Have you trained your team how to save YOUR money?

Sep 14, 2020

Hotels and Restaurants spend a good portion of their sales paying for utilities, the energy, water and waste that takes to run your business, can be the second largest cost you will incur over the year.

So when was the last time you trained your team to SAVE YOU MONEY??? Or have you ever?

Teaching your employees the right behaviour around the use of energy and water and production of waste is the KEY element to not only reduce your running costs, but also to run a greener, more efficient business, and to reduce your Carbon emissions. It is that simple!

I worked in the Hospitality industry all my life, since I was 17, I went through a Hotel Management Diploma for 4 years, NOBODY, in my 20 year career, told me I was behaving the wrong way around utilities, and I was spending more money than I should.

Nobody told me that switching off the over for an extra hour a day could save my workplace €2,000

Nobody told me knowing the water flow rate of our taps would help me make smarter decisions around our use of water.

Nobody told me I was segregating our waste wrongly and therefore costing my workplace more money.

And the worst of it all is, many current employees still do not know these things!!

So why is the industry refusing to acknowledge we have been doing it wrong?

Why is the industry still doing things “the way they have always been done”?

Running a Green Programme that changes your team’s behaviour around the way they use water and energy and produce waste is the SMART things to do. It all comes done to been business efficient.

The formula is simple:

Invest the time to train your team = reduce your business’s utilities = reduce your carbon footprint = become a Green business and attract more customers

At the end of the day, it is not the employees fault, they just have not been told how to do any better, and therefor, the responsibility lies with us educators, owners and managers of the industry.

We need to teach the workforce the small systems and processes that must be implemented to run an efficient business.

We need to invest a bit of time on implementing a Green Programme, and most importantly, YOU NEED TO BELIEVE YOU CAN DO IT.

Nothing is stopping you really, only your own fear of change, or your fear of failure.

That’s what we are here for. To help you and your team learn the NEW WAY, the BETTER WAY.

Very soon here in Ireland, you will be able to avail of our training programmes totally FREE. Do not waste this opportunity, make a conscious decision TODAY, to become a greener efficient business, we will help you along the way



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