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Embedding Green Skills onto Education for Sustainable Development

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"Education can ensure that our future leaders, business owners and individuals of society have a proper understanding of sustainable development, taking personal responsibility for their own actions without looking around to blame others. This is how true sustinable development can be achieved."

Raquel Noboa, Founder & CEO FSG

Sustainability – the need to balance environmental, social and economic considerations – has moved rapidly up the business & education agendas in recent years. It is no longer “nice to have” but is an existential risk, and is therefore a commercial imperative for any business and individuals looking to survive and thrive in the long term

Environmental Education by its definition will allow us all to engage with problem solving and take action to improve the environment as individuals. 2030/2050 goals include a reduction of carbon emissions to a value of Net Zero, a vital step we are currently missing is the education of our societies, as to what we can actively do to expedite achievement of that goal.

Fifty Shades Greener mission is to ensure that Green Skills are embeded onto all educational curriculums and work training programmes by 2025.

Developing countries have an amazing opportunity to learn from other countries' past mistakes, ensuring that People, Planet & Profit (in that order) are at the forefront of their development strategies through education and training. 

FSG in Nepal

Capacity Building for Nepal's Green Economy

In 2022, FSG was appointed to be part of the Dakchyata Project managed byn the British Council and funded by the European Commission to help educators and the private sector to build Nepal's Green Economy through education & training.

This project involved desk resarch, online meetings and surveys as well as face to face workshops in Kathamandu for a 6 month period.

FSG had an oportunity to work with curriculum developers, educators and the private sector to build their own capacity to understand, define and embed Green Skills onto their educational system and private sector.

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