Raquel Noboa


Everyone's green journey has to start somewhere and it was no different for Fifty Shades Greener founder & CEO. From the age of 17, Raquel worked in the hospitality industry following her move from her native Spain to Ireland, until 2017 when she decided to take the plunge & start her own business.

“The idea for my business began to form in my head during my time as green manager in Doolin. If I could achieve these results at Hotel Doolin, then surely I could teach others how to begin their green journey, just like I did? That’s how Fifty Shades Greener was born.”

Raquel believes in small wins and going at your own pace, because 'going green' should not make people jump through hoops. It is about understanding the environmentally sound options that are available and applying them in a way that make sense to each individual business. Start small - win big and THEN look at possible investment projects to become even more sustainable.

Patrick Flanagan


Patrick has more than 30 year’s international business experience in the Tertiary education and training sectors.

Internationally with City & Guilds Patrick has consulted and managed multiple projects both for the UK and global markets bring expertise in skills gap analysis, strategic planning, and programme development in line with national frameworks.

Phil Davis


Phil has more than 30 years experience working within the UK and internationally across a number of industry sectors, including education and training. He has worked at senior levels and been actively involved in business improvement and Corporate Social Responsibility. The training and education sector is the catalyst for change and the key driver to ensure business growth is achieved through companies incorporating and working in a proactive manner toward sustainability, ESG and a greener future.

David Cormack

Director of Partnerships UK

“I have delivered solutions to both training and wide market in the UK and Europe for over 25 years. I have a real passion for business growth.

Una McMahon

Operations Manager

Having spent over 25 years at senior management level in the Hospitality Industry I understand the significant costs associated with energy, water and waste. Fifty Shades Greener's simple, but practical approach, really interested me for the savings it offers to a Business for its' sustainability. The great thing about the Fifty Shades Greener programme is that it offers the Business the opportunity to adopt a Greener approach which reduces the overall costs and Carbon Footprint of the Business.

Éimhín Miller

Quality Assurance Manager

I came on board with Raquel as her first team member and just before COVID hit! I had worked with Raquel in the hospitality industry prior to this and knew that we both share the same drive to educate this industry amongst others, on the importance of embedding sustainability into our every day lives and actions. I love her no nonsense approach and commitment to transparency at all levels.

I'm a proud member of the FSG team

Alice Marr

Hospitality Project Manager

I was concerned about Global Warming, all of the information and marketing around sustainability left me feeling confused of how to best take action.  I am inspired by the idea of supporting and empowering people (myself included) to change their relationship with our environment and our natural resources. 50SG have a practical and accessible approach to this movement and I am proud to be part of their team! 

Marta Carrasco

Scope 3 emissions Project Manager

I have experience doing research in sustainability and I had the opportunity to be involved in some ecological organizations working with SDG educational projects. I am thrilled to be joining the 50SG team and to start helping companies measuring their greenhouse gas emissions to improve their environmental impact.

On a personal level, I am trying to follow a sustainable way of life to be consistent with my inner values, enjoying nature and doing daily activism for a greener future,.


Stuart Skinner

Expansion Manager

Raquel originally commissioned me to undertake a study of potential new international markets and develop a business development strategy.  Environmental sustainability education, at all levels, across the globe will be key for nations meeting their net zero targets and to give humanity a chance at a sustainable way of life.  I’m driven by a strong sense of purpose and a year on is the reason I’m still working with the fantastic Fifty Shades Greener Team in the role of Expansion Manager. 

Ish Anand

FSG India Representative 

I linked up with Raquel and Fifty Shades Greener because of my passion for the cause and passion in the team - driven by a very clear objective to change the world in the way it thinks about the environment & sustainability. 

Chris Beehner

Content Writer 

I am a college professor and practitioner who is passionate about the environment, and believe business has a significant role and responsibility in achieving sustainability. Business leaders need to understand that they can contribute to a better planet while maintaining, and even increasing their profitability. I am excited to be a part of the Fifty Shades Greener team and helping deliver high quality sustainability education programmes.

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