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Putting People, Planet & Profit at the forefront of business strategies

Meet our Team

Fifty Shades Greener delivers people and planet first business culture through its unique training delivery model. Training is the foundation of all cultural change, and we believe that every organisation needs bigger and faster cultural change than ever before, if they have any hope of achieving their net zero ambitions. The Green transition means all organisations need upskilling, reskilling, and training and FSG are perfectly positioned to provide a culture changing curriculum. FSG has a global footprint that provides action based educational programmes for carbon emission management from foundation level to degree; FSG has supported  over 4,000 students within the last year alone.

What businesses stand to gain?

Climate-related opportunities will determine who will be the winners and losers in the economy of the next 25 years. Companies which get ahead on carbon emissions management and have a progressive culture will come to dominate the opportunities and avoid the risks. 

“Firms that align their business models with a transition to a net zero carbon economy will be rewarded handsomely. Those that fail to adapt, will cease to exist.” Mark Carney, Former Governor of the Bank of England


So how does it work?

FSG is empowering people and organisations to reduce their environmental impact by becoming resource efficient, through a unique suite of training programmes. These programmes are tried and tested in many countries and are proven to deliver lasting results, our ESG Leader programme is certified by UPEACE (UN mandate). Our training delivery is shaped by working with some of the largest most forward-thinking organisations, who work with us to deliver the unique programmes to meet the needs required to shape the next generation workforce.

 We also support those organisations to access government funding to reduce the financial burden of change.

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