Green Skills for Life

by Fifty Shades Greener

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Programme Aim

This programme focuses on empowering people to reduce their environmental impact by becoming resource efficient, as each individual’s actions has an impact on climate change.

3.5 Hours of video content Estimated 8 hours implementation.

Program Content

Climate Change & Sustainability - The why

Measure your home's CO2 emissions and environmental impact

Reduce your environmental impact and home CO2 emissions.

Collaboration for Climate Action, how to apply environmental sustainability to communities, workplaces and shared spaces

Who is it for?

  • Willing learners engaging in Further Education Training

  • Individuals wishing to learn about their environmental impact

  • Companies looking to upskill their teams for climate action

  • SMEs wishing to kick start their green journey

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  • Reduce your impact on the planet
  • Reduce your home's utilities & SAVE MONEY
  • Become a climate action ambassador
  • Align with the younger generation's values
  • Learn climate literacy with no previous experience required
  • Gain skills valued by employers
  • 3 Modules, online, learn at your own pace
  • Access to the FSG Data Portal to help you calculate home carbon emissions


  • Give back to your employees - upskill them to SAVE MONEY at home and at the workplace
  • Align with Sustainable Development Goal 4 and Goal 13
  • Attract talent
  • Encourage employees to green your business 
  • Increase your business' reputation 
  • Embed environmental sustainability throughout your organisation to have a positive impact on your culture


  • According to LinkedIn those with green skills have an advantage in the labour market
  • Flexible and accessible environmental sustainability training delivered through step by step video tutorials.
  • Can be delivered as self paced online learning or be teacher led
  • Actions can be applied to your institution, as well as the learners home, and helping save money
  • Designed to work alongside existing programmes and can be applied to any sector


  1. Fully online programme or teacher led with a complete toolkit

  2. Access to an online Data Portal for carbon emissions management

  3. Contact us on [email protected] for group discounts

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