Fifty Shades Greener Approved Business

Have you just discovered a Fifty Shades Greener approved business? Check out what they have achieved to earn this recognition! Don't they deserve a round of applause? 


Starting a green journey

When you find this logo on a business's website, it means that the business has made a commitment to reduce their environmental and social impact.

They have taken the first steps towards becoming a Green Business and are currently receiving training with our team to achieve their green goals.

We strive to always provide transparency and real environmental data, and all businesses working with us will ensure the same, to allow customers make informed choices.

Green Business Approved

In order to receive this digital badge, a business will have had to complete our Green Business programme and comply with environmental, social and economic sustainability performance measures.

They are able to address all 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and embed them within their operations.

A minimum requirement for businesses it to measure their Green Key Performance Indicators & report them in a transparent and clear way to their customers. They must also have measured the impact of their supply chain and their own social sustainability within the organisation and have a clear action plan of activities to improve over the next 12 months.

FSG Emerald Awards

This badge is reserved for those businesses that can demonstrate an outstanding performance for environmental and social sustainability, having implemented all performance measures given on our Green Business programme.

Emerald Award winners will have measured, monitored and reduced their environmental impact for a minimum period of 12 months.

They will also have made it a priority to align their entire organisational strategy, with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and share their ambitions, successes and ongoing green projects with their customers in a clear and transparent way.