CSR - the way you do business, not an extra

Sep 19, 2022

Gone are the days when business was just ‘business’, with economics and essentially ‘making money’ at any cost, taking precedence above all. 

The bottom line was the sole focus of all shareholders, CEOs, chair people and executive managers. It was really that black and white. 

Where was the human element of business? And if it was there, where did it factor for business people? 

Businesses both large and small have a responsibility to their community, to their society, to their environment and to their team, to ultimately ‘self-regulate’ and look at their impact on those areas. Cost savings are important, financial turnover is important, however it has become increasingly apparent that when it comes to ‘business as usual’, those with tunnel vision won’t last in the competitive world of corporations and enterprise. 

Many companies believe that simply throwing money at charities or environmental projects is sufficient, however CSR like with a business’ green programme, needs to be transparent. There are no gains to be made by ‘greenwashing’ your efforts and ultimately deceiving your customers and team. 

Similarly to maintaining a culture of sustainability, CSR needs to become the way you do business, not an added appendage simply lost in the paperwork of company policies. 

“There is no one way a company can embrace CSR, but one thing is certain – to be perceived as genuine, the company’s practices need to be integrated into its culture and business operations. In today’s socially conscious environment, employees and customers place a premium on working for and spending their money on businesses that prioritize CSR. They can detect corporate hypocrisy. “ https://www.businessnewsdaily.com/4679-corporate-social-responsibility.html  

Returning to the human side of business, it has already become apparent in today’s post pandemic world the impact that those two years of lockdowns had on society, on our workers that keep the world turning. 

Work-life balance had been something thrown around in passing before, but it was certainly never prioritised. By ourselves or our managers/employers. Taking stock allowed many to realise their value in the workforce and simply ‘putting up’ with job dissatisfaction – is no longer the modus operandi. 

Caring for our people 

“Corporate Social Responsibility is already on its way to being replaced, by Human Social Responsibility.”  The Era of Corporate Social Responsibility is Ending | Rachel Hutchisson | 

Social Sustainability is an area we cover in our HR Module of the Green Business Online Programme. 

Looking after your team’s mental health and wellbeing should always be a priority for every business. It improves staff retention, it entices new talent and it creates team morale and loyalty. 

As highlighted in Rachel Hutchisson’s TedTalk ‘the focus of corporate is limiting’. 

This why there is already a shift away from ‘corporate’ as it then becomes more inclusive of small to medium sized businesses and non profits, and not something that only large ‘corporations’ do. This allows businesses of all sizes, of all operation types to ‘give back’ to their team, their community and society. 

All business owners and managers are leaders, and leading by example – is crucial. Leading your team and showing them that they are valued and important is vital to ensuring healthy and efficient employees who will stay with your business. 

“People are at the heart of every organisation. We as humans bring life to the vision and purpose of every organisation.” Rachel Hutchisson’s TedTalk (link above) 

To support Irish CSR projects and help the young generations or your community to receive environmental education get in touch with us at [email protected] and don't forget to check out our CSR page for more information!

Thank you for reading today!

 The FSG Team 💚



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