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This programme is a step by step framework to successfully implement an environmental management system in your organisation

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General Manager

This overview allows the general manager to fully support and assist their team with the implementation process and achieve a reduction of costs and environmental impact.

Purchasing Department

Give  a clear framework to green their products and services and spread a culture of sustainability within their supply chain, reducing environmental impact and boosting local economies.

Green Manager

Provide the knowledge and skills a hospitality or tourism manager needs, to be able to control and reduce their use of utilities, thus their carbon footprint & business running cost.


HR departments will learn how to implement Social Sustainability within their operations. Identifying and managing a business’s impacts both positive and negative on their people

Green Marketing

upskill marketing departments to accurately relay their workplace’s green journey in a clear and transparent way. leverage the power of environmental data and understand how messaging can assist Climate Action.

To engage on an environmental level and introduce social sustainability

Learn how to embed the 17 UN Sustainable development goals

Measure, manage and reduce your business’ carbon emissions

Reduce your business' running costs significantly

Greening the supply chain for products and services

Become the employer everyone wants to work for

Market green efforts in the right way to attract more customers

This Programme is

Fully Online

  • You can go at your own pace
  • Every business has 12 months to complete the programme
  • Although it is implementable in a 4-6 month period committing half a day per week

Support Available for

the Entire Year!


  • Fifty Shades Greener hospitality specialist available
  • One on one sessions/calls can be arranged when needed

Unlike other environmental training, this is an action based programme, with implementable, concrete steps that will guide you through the easiest way to understand, control and reduce your business use of energy, water and production of waste, as well as improve social sustainability and green procurement.

Reducing your utilities will result in a reduction of your business' environmental impact, your Carbon Footprint and SAVE YOU money off your utility bills.

The 50 Shades Greener method is about taking the first steps towards a reduction of your utilities, so you can generate savings that can be re-invested in larger greening projects that will help you become even greener.

These are the first steps towards business Carbon Neutrality that require no capital investment at all.

The programmes includes the 17 SDGs, and how you can work on implementing them all onto your organisation. 

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Previous requirements:
All you need to complete it is:
  • Your laptop
  • A printer 
  • A pen to fill in your workbooks.
What you will learn: 
The easiest way to implement a water, waste and energy management system at your workplace, appoint a green manager and create a green team, establish your current business environmental impact and set your starting point with your Green KPI’s, plus extra modules for marketing, HR, Purchasing and General Manager.
What does it include?
5 Training programmes for:
  • The General Manager
  • Green Manager
  • HR
  • Purchasing
  • Marketing departments
8 hours of video lessons
Estimated 30 days implementation
It also includes Employee awareness videos for every member of your organisation.

Ofqual Accreditation 

Students will also be eligible to apply for the CTH Level 4 Certificate in Environmental Sustainability Management in Hospitality'

Your digital badge of completion


Once you complete the programme and successfully pass the assessment we will send you The Green Business Approved badge, which you can link back to a page that will show your customers the efforts you have made to deserve this recognition.

We always require full transparency in the work we do, and we expect our students to do the same. In order to pass the assessment you will need to demonstrate that you have implemented most of the actions explained in the programme, which will be verified by our independent evaluator Eimhin O'Connor. If you are not ready for a pass do not worry! We will assist you and support you to achieve your badge at a later stage.

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This programme is fully funded by Kildare and Wicklow Education & Training Board.

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