The Green Business Programme

The A to Z, greener-for-beginners Online Programme.

Run your business 50 Shades Greener in 4 to 6 months, with training for everyone in your organisation.

50 Steps to complete through video lessons, with workbooks, carbon emission charts and support.


The Green Business Online Programme is the A to Z, online programme that will help you set up an environmental management system at your property.

Unlike other environmental training, this is an action based programme, with implementable, concrete steps that will guide you through the easiest way to understand, control and reduce your business use of energy, water and production of waste.

Reducing your utilities will result in a reduction of your business' environmental impact, your Carbon Footprint and SAVE YOU money off your utility bills.

The 50 Shades Greener method is about taking the first steps towards a reduction of your utilities, so you can generate savings that can be re-invested in larger greening projects that will help you become even greener.

These are the first steps towards business Carbon Neutrality that require no capital investment at all.

Previous requirements:


This is a greener for beginners course, all you need to complete it is:

  • Your laptop
  • A printer 
  • A pen to fill in your workbooks.

What you will learn: 

The easiest way to implement a water, waste and energy management system at your workplace, appoint a green manager and create a green team, establish your current business environmental impact and set your starting point with your Green KPI’s, plus an extra module to teach you how to market your green messages in the most productive way.

What does it include?

50 Videos: 50 action-based steps

4.5 hours of video lessons

Estimated 20 days implementation

6 modules with training for the General Manager, Green Manager, HR, Marketing and Employee awareness videos for every member of your organisation.

General Manager

6 Video lessons, 25 minutes watch time. Estimated implementation time 4 hours.

Green Manager

12 Video lessons, 1 hour watch time. Estimated implementation time 2 Days.

Water Conservation

6 Video lessons, 40 minutes watch time. Estimated implementation time 6 Days

Waste Management

12 video lessons, 1.2 hours watch time. Estimated implementation time 1 week.

Energy Management

9 video lessons, 40 minutes watch time. Estimated implementation time 1 week.


5 Video lessons, 18 minutes watch time. Estimated implementation time 2 days.

Your digital badge of completion

Once you complete the programme and successfully pass the assessment we will send you The Green Business Approved badge, which you can link back to a page that will show your customers the efforts you have made to deserve this recognition.

Ready to start your business

Green Journey?

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