ESG Certification For Business

With an ESG Certification from Fifty Shades Greener, your organisation gains the competitive advantage by reducing costs and increasing its operational efficiency. 

This certification showcases the implementation and communication of an environmental, social, and ethical governance strategy within an organisation. The certification aligns with the FSG by ESG standards and the UN SDGs

At Fifty Shades Greener we also offer individual ESG professional certification. If you’re interested in a career as an ESG Manager or Sustainability Manager then check out our ESG Leader programme. 


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Benefits of an ESG Certificate

Environmental Social Governance is now an increasingly important aspect of doing business and the future belongs to those who are quick to adapt and change. FSG reporters will be well prepared to report under the ESRS.

Increased Profitability

By embracing sustainability your business becomes more competitive, allowing you to highlight efficiencies while dramatically reducing overheads.

This proactive approach, particularly with regards to energy usage, will make you more resilient to market fluctuations well into the future. 

Enhanced Profile

Obtaining an ESG compliance certification builds brand goodwill, showcasing your company’s ongoing commitment to ESG and sustainability to both investors and consumers alike.

Demonstrating leadership on business sustainability matters is also a deciding factor in attracting top talent to your business.

Greater Satisfaction

By fostering a work environment that is more inclusive and transparent, staff retention and engagement are greatly improved, resulting in higher levels of productivity and overall worker satisfaction.

This, in turn, drives higher customer satisfaction and more repeat business.

A Brighter Future

Doing your bit for the planet and for future generations ensures that the benefits will continue to be felt for years to come.

So take that first step today. Simply fill out the form at the top of this page to get started on your ESG certification journey.

You can make a difference!

How Our ESG Certification Works

Our ESG Certification is based upon our core principles of People, Planet, Profit. Our goal is to help you achieve that perfect equilibrium, where all three components work together in harmony to best benefit your business.

ESG Certification Steps:

  1. You begin by filling out a quick self-assessment questionnaire allowing us to better understand your needs.
  2. This information allows us to check whether you are eligible for Business Certification or whether one of our ESG Training or Consultancy solutions may be a better fit.
  3. Once these details are finalised you will then be invoiced. The amount varies depending on the size of your operation so feel free to contact us for a quote in advance and we’ll find the best solution for your business.
  4. Having finalized payment we then begin the ESG audit process, we will ask you to compile and complete all the necessary documentation before providing a thorough audit of your ESG and sustainability practices.
  5. On achieving a passing grade your ESG certificate is then awarded with an overall score based on the number of standards your company has achieved. 

Your ESG Certificate

By following the steps towards achieving your ESG Certificate you not only demonstrate your commitment to sustainability, you also showcase the implementation and communication of an environmental, social, and ethical governance strategy within your organisation. The certification aligns with the FSG by ESG standards and the UN SDGs.

To get started simply fill in the form at the top of this page and begin your company’s green transformation journey. 

Alternatively, if you think your business may benefit more from sustainability training, you can check out one of our ESG training courses


ESG Business Certification

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance. These three interconnected elements are the main focus of sustainability reporting as outlined by regulations such as the CSRD.


Refers to the environmental impact of the company, which can be measured in GHG Scopes 1, 2 & 3 as well as impact on nature and biodiversity. 


Refers to the social impact of a company to all its stakeholders which may include: employees, customers, the supply chain and the business’ wider community.


Refers to the company’s governance, having a set of policies that are actively implemented to support Planet and People.

"The Certification Process requires that your organisation demonstrates how they implement/align with the FSG 50 standards for Sustainable Development. Certification awards will be given based on how many standards are achieved."

Raquel Noboa
Founder & CEO