Hospitality Business Awards


A four-tiered Green Award for our Green Business Programme members. 

As they progress through the programme they will receive a digital badge, that explains all the wonderful actions their business has completed to achieve these awards. 




Bronze Level Award 


This Business has achieved a

Bronze Level Award. 


They have taken the time to measure their energy, waste and water use within their organisation and they have established a baseline of green key performance indicators and carbon emissions that will help them assess in the future if they are reducing their environmental impact.  


Silver Level Award 


The Business has achieved a 

Silver Level Award. 


They have successfully measured their green key performance indicators and carbon emissions. They have spent time learning about their building, reviewing their lighting, equipment, heating and water usage as well as their current waste segregation systems and waste production. 

They have measured their environmental impact, observed and learnt from their building and implemented a green action plan of activities to help them manage and reduce their impact on the environment. They have also shared their CO2 data, goals and achievements on their Environmental Policy. They are now well on their way to reduce their impact on the environment 



  Gold Level Award 


This Business has achieved a 

Gold Level Award. 


They have now incorporated sustainability into their HR, Purchasing and Marketing operations!

They have taken the time to look at their suppliers and form a green purchasing policy. They have incorporated their green ethos & goals into their recruitment & induction porcesses as well as auditing their business' social sustainability by interviewing their staff. Finally they have a Green page on their website where they share all their genuine efforts and achievements with their customers.  


  Emerald Award 


The Business has achieved our prestigious 

Emerald Level Award. 


They have completed and implemented the Green Business programme and  are continuing their sustainable development through the FSG Alumni Programme.

We are delighted to share that after an annual audit they have continued to reduce their use of utilities and CO2 emissions.  


FSG Educated and Verified



 Verified in

Green Procurement


This student has completed FSG training in Green Procurement. 


They have taken the time to measure that their current purchasing systems are as environmentally friendly as possible and have commited to take action wherever is needed to improve their purchasing practices.


 Verified in

Sustainable Marketing 

This student has completed FSG training in Sustainable Marketing

They have incorporated the business' green journey into their marketing systems. They are creating, promoting and sharing their products in a way that minimally impacts the environment. 



 Verified in

Social Sustainability 


This student has completed FSG training in Social Sustainability


They have audited their current HR practices and completed actions to improve social sustainability in the workplace.