NetZero Schools Project

This project aims to assist schools in implementing an environmental management system within their own school building. To learn how to reduce their carbon emissions and kick start their journey to carbon neutrality.

The NetZero Schools Coaching programme offers monthly expert advice to the appointed school sustainability leader to learn how to measure, manage and reduce the building's carbon emissions.

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What is required?

No previous knowledge is required, our step by step training manual and exeprt coach will guide you through the process to measure, manage and reduce your school's CO2.

All that is required, is a desire to reduce your school's environmental impact and team work from teachers, staff and students.

How does it work?

A teacher or coordinator will assume the role of the Green Leader and oversee the implementation of the training.

A Green team can be formed with teachers, staff and students helping build a culture of sustainability within the school.

Follow the manual step by step and meet once a month with your assigned coach.

I want to download the manual

Eneter your details on this form, name, email, country and school name and we will give you access to the Carbon Conscious school training manual.

There is no fee to download this manual or implement it in your school building. If you require further help, we can assign you an expert coach that will meet with you once a month online to help you on your path to NetZero.

Using the FSG Data Portal

In order to calculate the school carbon emissions with the Carbon Conscious School manual, you will receive access to the FSG Data Portal, do not worry, it is easy to use!


If you require support or consultancy from our team please get in touch on [email protected] 

Do you want to teach your students about sustainability and carbon emissions?

We have the perfect 10 lesson programme including:

  • Video content for each lesson
  • Teacher CPD
  • Activities and workbooks.
  • No previous experience required in sustainability education

The complete programme algining to the new sustainability curriculum.

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