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Welcome to the programme!

My name is Raquel Noboa and I will be delivering this training programme with you to your class.

First of all, thank you so much for taking on this course. I know how busy you are and taking on something new is never an easy task, so THANK YOU.

It is very important to us that students can take ownership of their environmental journey and so all lessons will include a discussion topic for the class. The idea is to engage with students and ensure we can answer the questions they want answered. Therefore we want them to drive the conversation so we can adapt our lessons to those areas they feel are important for them and provoke a change in behavior towards a more sustainable society.

How does the programme work?

This programme will be delivered as a hybrid model of education between a teacher leading the programme using the online content we provide. During each lesson, you will show the class the video content, as outlined in each lesson plan. Each lesson also includes a discussion topic or a class activity plus recommended project work for the students to complete at home.

The programme is divided into 10 days of content of around 40 minutes per lesson plan.

How you deploy this to your students over the year is entirely up to you.

We have also included along the way workbooks, an online portal to calculate carbon emissions, posters and other documents that will help your students complete the programme.

Using the FSG Data Portal

In order to calculate the school carbon emissions with the Carbon Conscious School manual, you will receive access to the FSG Data Portal, do not worry, it is easy to use!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Learning from other influencers

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Clover is a young Climate activist from Australia. On this TedTalk, Clover speaks about "Denial or despair" two very common human reactions to the Climate Crisis.

Dr. Alia Crum

Dr. Crum says the biggest game changer is “YOU, by harnessing the power of your mind." She explores scientific results that show the influence of the mindset on the body.